High Life

They won’t tell you to be your own boss,

Wins don’t come until you take a loss.

When I gave it my all, I felt like I was going to fall,

Ready to ball, freelance writing funds my business on every call.

Freedom derives from a state of mind,

Finances help, you have no choice but to grind.

Godfather of the writing profession,

Publishing my own work is a blessing.

Productivity shouldn’t have you stressing,

Your soul is the only individual you  should be impressing.

Reading opens up doors, not windows,

Playing the game to win; no Nintendo.

Reflection is meant to understand how far you’ve come,

There’s a time for work, relaxation, and fun.

You just need to know how to manage the dimensions,

Never depend on the government for a pension.

Focused on the moment because it builds the future brightly,

Make moves in silence, tread through the jungle lightly.

Who cares about the politics when kids are starving?

Oppress the people; out them in a system and call it a garden.

These lies are outrageous and ridiculous,

Only the truth deserves to be respected and ubiquitous.

Writer’s treat the blank page as a performance,

The impact I make on the world is enormous.

Parents are keeping their kids on a leach like dog’s,

When will the sky clear up so we can see through the fog?

Prayer and hope get trashed without consistency,

Actions breed champions, the mark of efficiency.

Winning is only for the determined, courageous one’s,

You won’t pick up greatness using only thumbs.

Blending the correct ingredients together like a smoothie,

Every time I wake up, I try my best to make a movie.


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