Boss Moves

Every goal I set is attainable and lofty,

Conquer the beef smoothly, and devour all the broccoli.

The recipe for success is written between the lines,

The effort you apply is deeper than how you grind.

Passionate, articulate, compassionate, and loyal,

Entrepreneurial, determined, patient, and royal.

Pride is a root of evil larger than money,

Days off are for the uninspired, the unwillingly funny.

People try to stomp down your dreams, due to insecurities,

Trusting funds that are purely a surety.

It took me awhile to knockdown the doors to launch,

Exotic words written like the creation of a new font.

My power isn’t just within these words,

Exposing the absurd, inspiring the world not to follow the herd.

Society is blinded by the realm of treachery and deception;

Using the truth as my torch like a weapon.

These men are acting like little boy’s telling lies,

Treating queens emotions like a cherry pie.

Once their appetite is satisfied, they move onto the next course,

Told you they loved you, when you were equestrian like a horse.

Honorable men tell female’s the truth,

They won’t lie about having other women, and care about the youth.

Touching the city like an icy gust of wind,

Everyday the sunrises, I have no choice but to ascend.

I’d rather work for twelve hours than be entertained,

Discipline is a part of my existence, the consistency is ingrained.

Everyone has a couple of bad habits,

But being a beast at times doesn’t make you a savage.

The key to life is having predominantly productive habits,

Focus, drive, and dedication that allows you to live lavish.

I stay up all night writing literary greatness,

Loving the fact on how many people hate it.

The influence I will have on the world is deeper than writing,

Showing the universe a galaxy with better lighting.

Astronomical imprints on every paragraph indent,

Leaving a scent more appeasing than incense.


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