Number One Author

Trust the energy in the room; most are negative until the tomb,

Building an unforgettable empire, destined to be the flyest groom.

Maintain and ascend, as I repeat the process,

You are the root cause of all your causes, never operate thoughtless.

Women come and go, but the real one’s stick around,

Mobbing low key, moving in broad daylight not making a sound.

Success shouldn’t be feared; what others think, who cares.

Climbing to the top is like taking a set of stairs.

Greatness takes time, perseverance, and logical pursuits,

When confronting others I get straight to the point like a square root.

Dignity and decorum is a sign of integrity and discipline,

My skin is glistening, never attempted to fit in.

Allah is on my side, whether its clean or dirty,

Sticking to righteous deeds, onto the next day like twelve-thirty.

Investors make money work for them, regardless of the circumstances,

Rhythmically inclined like your favorite dances.

I’ve been praying for someone to try me,

Peaceful amongst enemies, beat them senseless, moving wisely.

Going against the grain, embracing the struggles and pain,

Nostalgic about nights on street, getting washed by the rain.

Drive so divine, even in the depths of darkness I shine,

Taking what’s mine, playing through deception acting blind.

Outgrew the monotony of my hometown,

Surpassed every vision in the nation, born to wear the crown.

Challenges and responsibilities make me enthusiastic,

Changing habits, the brain is placid, fighting hard and drastic.

Number one books on all the major distributors,

Nobody believed my vision, the mastermind of a sharpshooter.

Losing sleep is a normality, adjusting my own salary,

Making the impossible a reality, proving the power of a thoughtful actuality.

Only those who have fulfilled their covenant to God support me,

But I have a cult following, whose purpose is to extort me.


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