Getting To It

Being sedentary made me legendary,

Expanding individuals mental capacities from passionate theories.

Ancient philosopher like Socrates and Plato,

Writing with deeply convicted burning desire; feugo.

Benediction embedded in fiction, creating friction,

Dedicated to a mission, divine literary predictions.

Unsure of what the future holds, courageous soul, beyond bold,

Faithfully attuned to my business etiquette, emotionless so cold.

Predicted business ventures, the earth spins,

Always knew I was preordained to win.

Chasing dreams, instead of being lost in the lust for females,

Grinding so hard the tracks derailed, getting green like kale.

True discipline starts with a diet based on whole foods,

Eating what nature has prescribed locks in a spiritual mood.

Love yourself more by saying no to the unproductive activities,

Enhancing enchanted proclivities; Godly like a nativity.

The weak motivate me to become more precise and stronger,

Pushing up and squatting down so I will live longer.

Proving all of the doubters wrong,

Even under immense pressure I remain calm.

Mastered the law of attraction, controlling emotions,

Acquiring free publicity and promotion, wisdom deeper than the bottom of the ocean.

The corner is getting warmer, beef ignites the temperature,

Summer is hot, but the streets are like a disproportionate integer.

Governing bodies only cares about the bottom line,

Manipulation through greed is seen as divine.

Dislodge all of your negative thoughts,

Continue committing crimes, you will get caught.

Feed your focus by eliminating useless ideas,

You need to do things yourself like IKEA.

The only fame I want is amongst the angels within the stars,

Serving shots to the publishing industry like bars; outside of this planet like mars.


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