Climbing Stairs

I would rather live under the threat of death and danger,

Instead of being lost inside a vortex, treating myself as a stranger.

You couldn’t even step on my staircase, I swear on my life,

Knocking all authors off the ladder, you reread my words with delight.

Operating off sublime intuition, logical propositions,

Business orientated, treating words like recipes in the kitchen.

Its all love here, all I smell is fear; floating on a tear,

My essence is rare, capturing stares, hidden plans in the lair.

Pain and suffering is only a factor of true success,

Even when I’m asleep, I don’t rest.

Always contemplating on every move, willing to improve,

Fruits and vegetables enhance my mood; prepared to lose.

Everyone takes a loss once in awhile, but my wins keep me in style,

Overpowering the blank page, every time I write you smile.

Respect the process, tell an intriguing story with allegory,

Looking down on all of these authors from the observatory.

Biologically, the nucleolus of my work is a commodity,

Hitting the jackpot on every word like I won the lottery.

The hunger won’t subsist, determined to prove my gifts,

When the trumpet sounds, I will reside in bliss.

Leaving a legacy that enhances the culture,

Staying close to God like I live by the altar.

Praying for the innocent children entrenched in poverty,

All of the violence, senselessness, and celebrated monotony.

Spirituality is enlightenment and strengthening of the soul,

Religiosity is being serious, even when your life is darker than coal.

The abyss won’t be missed like the time I broke my wrist,

Find your passion and make the leap of faith, I insist.

Taking risks only made my life better,

But they were strategically thought out for days in different conditions of weather.

Officially meticulous, accurate, honorable and promiscuous,

Admitting my flaws, but they won’t make me precipitous.


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