Business Wizard

Supreme underground novelist, never wanted to be commercial,

Creating stories, invoking passionate thoughts, eternally controversial.

Hunting down my prey, hard work always pays,

Sleepless nights reading and writing, envisioning brighter days.

Business isn’t personal, enterprises run off energy and sweat,

Blood dispelled, tears are the only time you get your girl wet.

Get labelled a genius and society will be more tolerate of your behavior,

Upholding the responsibilities of being the writing world’s savior.

Companionship is what keeps you intact, always speaking facts,

Loyalty is a blissful silence that’s a binding pact.

The universe only conspires against you if you believe it,

Time is on my side, every word is the opposite of egregious.

Taken over by the beauty of Mother Nature,

The wind heralded my soul directly to our creator.

Sometimes what you like is hurting your progression,

Anything that hinders your work ethic leads to depression.

Negative thoughts don’t enter my mind,

Tackling the hardships, understanding adversity only transcends time.

Up before the sunrises and grinding after it sets,

Every breath I comprehend that I’m unbelievably blessed.

Everything must end, so why follow social trends?

See situations through until the end.

Functioning in lust is a dark necessity we all possess,

Expressing a formidable message, gaining public interest.

Yearning for all of my dreams to become a beaming reality,

Destined to make it happen, because I put my life behind pursuits like a fatality.

Preparing for the week before it happens,

Encountering obstacles and problems is part of being a captain.

Most individuals are too fearful to boss up and live freely,

They think its dangerous like believing advertisements on TV.

Loving the baddest women on the planet, by making them badder,

Only interested in stability and consistency, laughing at frivolous chatter.

Making hits in the publishing industry, writing out checks,

Realizing true talent, speaking about future promises and threats.

Invading numerous industries with an entrepreneurial spirit,

Multiple businesses under my belt; full of quality merit.

Keeping my personal life private like the adornments of females,

Capitalizing off the instance of e-mails, rougher than hail.

Rocking with the best, losing rest, eradicating stress,

Passing tests due to my determination and undeniable behest.


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