Laser Focus

Civility in any facility, manifesting pure virility,

Awakening abilities, moving wisely with agility.

Confidence and humility is a lucid ability,

Godfather of writing prose and poetry, I’m the epitome.

Loving those who hate, depending on God’s fate,

Charging higher rates, always on time, never late.

Fame, jewelry, luxury vehicles, and mansions don’t impress me,

Only involved with dreamy imaginations, that’s sexy.

Breaking through barriers, studying the exterior,

Investing in idea’s that are superior.

Stop giving in to wasting finances on useless cosmetics,

Eat healthy, work out, stop making excuses and being pathetic.

Nobody cares about your lack of motivation,

You must remain positive under the scorn of degradation.

Losing sleep, chasing dreams like hustlers should,

Superstitions are manipulations, making you knock on wood.

Making a killing in business requires a calm disposition,

Taking losses personally won’t initiate a tremendous transition.

Waiting is needed, but increase your work ethic in the mean time,

I’m only getting warmed up, ten years away from grazing my prime.

Clarity in these words, they are sharp like a blade,

Teaching on a global scale how to behave.

Riding wave after wave, hopping on better stages,

Leveling up is the only way to stay out of cages.

Evil comes first with vengeance and anger,

Appreciating the moments of peace and canter.

Demand more from yourself and command respect,

You can predict a vision, but won’t see what’s next.

People waste their time texting frivolous messages,

Feeding their sins, growing a proceeding precipice.

Popularity is something I had since preschool,

There’s a lot to learn, but you can’t teach cool.


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