Children struggle to eat, the government makes them obsolete,

They put entertainment in front of you, to distract you from the streets.

Underage girls looking like young women being abused,

Pimp’s beating them to a bloody pulp, so crude.

Deadbeat dad’s won’t look after their child,

Any fool can take and make a life; it’s wild.

Justice must be served, you get ostracized as absurd,

But true believers fly above the clouds like bird’s.

Arrive peaceful and leave the same way,

But you must be ready for war if you want to see another day.

Creating the future is the only way to make time work for you,

Pettiness and backbiting are the source of most quarrels.

Upholding morals doesn’t mean the actions coincide,

Ethical standards are where actions and results collide.

Summertime brings out the best and worst in people,

The uniqueness of the four season’s is none of them are equal.

Appreciate the scenery and nature in front of you,

Humility is about realizing there’s nobody under you.

Powerful positions only come from worldly affairs,

The gains are created by you, give excuses and nobody cares.

Creating a new generation of leader’s are what legends do,

Feeding you knowledge; all of my words are edible.

Backing down from a challenge isn’t conducive,

Only wrapping my mind around what’s exclusive.

Subsequently, what I’ve become is the vision I received,

Faith pushed me beyond my limits because I believed.

Hard times bring good times and vice versa,

Versatility is what you need as a boss and in your workers.

Real hustlers her back on their feet after seeing defeat,

They win against all odds, putting the drive on repeat.

Tenacious, relentless, ambitious, compassionate, pugnacious,

Stylistic visionary, whose mission is capacious; eternally gracious.


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