Dear, God

Thank you for letting me write lines that inspire,

Showing me what I’m passionate about, so I’ll never retire.

Introverted, all of my energy is exerted, compassion is inserted.

Solitude is about looking into the future, focusing on being deserted.

Asking for forgiveness; we all sin every single day,

Trying to improve on my shortcomings, finding better ways.

Averaging four hours of sleep every night,

Hustlers take power naps, and take flight.

Selling my soul wasn’t an option or a thought,

But Satan whispers to my enemies trying to plot.

I only have love in my heart; no hatred or jealousy,

Laughing at the envious pretenders, what are you telling me?

The miserable individuals are hypocritical expecting residuals,

You won’t accomplish goals without seeing the visuals.

This summer is going to be a wild ride, cancelling out the foolish pride

I don’t walk on concrete, so fly I glide, fresher than a tide.

Creating a new wave known as the Scotian Breeze movement,

Clothing line coming out in the future, the entire world will consume it.

Holding my nation down like an anchor,

Focused on getting to this money like an investment banker.

I sleep six days out of the seven, sometimes its less,

My visions keep me up at night, striving to be the best.

The blank page has a causastic effect on my disposition,

Moving boulders in a sedentary position is my sedition.

Asking for more and receiving what I asked,

Getting more than what I worked for because I have a lot of class.

Dignified, righteous and benevolent with a malicious side,

Confronting my problems, facing the world with an accelerated stride.

Writing groundbreaking underground novels to prove my ingenuity,

Obstinate and hard-headed, but the authentic get through to me.

Touching new territory is due to believing in great things,

I only spend my time with honorable queens and kings.



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