Difficulties Breed Legends

Adversity on these streets; we take your life for snitching,

Prevaricators make me vicious; my trigger finger is itching.

But listen closely, I don’t move violently or morosely,

I’m speaking on what could have been; floating cause I’m ghostly.

Subconscious thoughts are manifested, the truth is attested,

I have the game on lock, every author just got arrested.

I won’t touch the blank page unless I see a coffin,

Catching verbal bodies everyday, every verse is awesome.

Winners respect winners and bosses hang with bosses,

Our wins outweigh every mistake and all of the losses.

Loyalty means you will die for them before you kill,

Sacrificing aspects of your life is how you travel uphill.

By any means I will take all of your fans,

Adrenaline increases, completing what I say because I’m a real man.

Hard times only made me adapt to perfecting this craft,

I’m going after this cheese for every dinner like Kraft.

Concentrated on majesty and conquering every calibers,

My prose is legendary like the removal of Excalibur.

Selling books like diamonds, up the charts I’m climbing,

Going straight to the number one spot because of my rhyming.

Locked Down poetry collection will end the year amazingly,

Four novels and poetry circulating throughout the universe crazily.

Champions aren’t capable of being stopped or toppled,

Building up the culture up like holy apostles.

The smoothest times are indicating future friction,

Indelible fiction, predictions with accurate depictions.

Listening is an art; one of the laws of hustling smart,

Companionship means having an inseparable counterpart.

Collaboration will get your further than trying to it alone,

Look after your team, invite them into your home.

The law of attraction pertains to positive thoughts and enthusiasm,

Effort that goes unmatched, persistent like an orgasm.

The industry blackballed me for exposing their demonic secrets,

Personally, I have my own grind and succeed due to its uniqueness.

The internet is a beast and social media engineers the feet,

Movement and information is sold to data companies; nothing is discreet.

Taking pictures of each atmosphere with every blink,

Each word makes you stop and think–will you elevate or sink?

The only thing I love more than writing is God, family, and the power to create,

I love the hate, sealed my fate, born to own a mansion by the lake.


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