My Galaxy

The universe works for you, but doesn’t have fallacies,

All humans are flawed, lets face this reality.

Circumscription isn’t a prediction; flourishing off predilection,

Hot in any section, giving every author direction.

You claim to be the plug, but you feed off my connection,

Electrifying inspection, analyzing mistakes and making corrections.

God has provided me with dreams brighter than constellations,

Visions are pure, eating like a wolf, you won’t receive an invitation.

Everyone wants to claim to be a gangster, but haven’t lived the life,

It isn’t about selling drugs and taking lives; my words stab like a knife.

You have to be associated with a foul crew of members doing dirt,

They back you up whether you’re on top or in the ground hurt.

Explaining the unthinkable, addressing what political leaders won’t,

They are slaves to public opinion, stuck on an agenda telling you don’t.

Listening to people who don’t genuinely care for you is danger,

Day ones hate on me heavily; receiving more support and love from strangers.

They tell you be yourself around females, set an authentic demonstration

I let them be themselves first, so we can build on elevation.

The ladies love me because I devote my writing to them,

Why would I strive to gain the affection of men?

Males have too much pride, too susceptible to try and slow down your stride,

They will leave you dead and deserted, but swear they will ride.

Surpassing fiction from the past, present, and future,

Going straight to my destination like I called an Uber.

I woke up from a dream and started making it happen instantly,

So far ahead of my time you couldn’t catch up with a century.

The finance minister speaks about devoting more revenue to the pension plan,

Stop following their desires, you will have all the money you need in your hands.

Examining the uniqueness of idiosyncrasies like the passage of entropy,

The only reason you survive in my kingdom is because it pertains to my decree.

I’m not into talking because its cheap, mobsters move in silence,

Peace and love before war, but I’m prepared for any facet of violence.



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