So High

Stopped seeing the ground a long time ago,

Forced myself to work harder and grow.

Balling so hard you won’t cross me,

I can see the hate clearly like political hypocrisy.

High as the clouds resting peacefully in the sky,

Parallel to the heavens like I’m ready to die.

Looking down on all of the conjecture and deception,

Laughing at the miserable, they chose the wrong direction.

You’ll never see me paying for protection,

Honest and straight up like a raging erection.

The written word is taken seriously like a religion,

Canadian mogul, making wise decisions, imagining larger visions.

Hunger calls my name, squatting and pushing to enlarge my frame,

Most of y’all move the same, losing at the same game.

The height of my intelligence is higher than what you believe,

What I do scares most, the grind is so dangerous, full of intrigue.

The prices of oil and gas fluctuate like the volatility of precipitation,

Stop being satisfied with degradation, focus on sublime innovation.

Critically acclaimed isn’t an accolade in my eyes,

Just another result from receiving reviews, before I die.

There’s going to be a moment of silence when my books hit the scene,

The False Reality Of Martin and Ladies Prism are eternally supreme.

Encouraging my enemies who act like friends to me,

Tough and gritty down to the bone, fulfilling my divine duty.

People tell other’s they want God to make things easy for them,

But I’d rather be tested; what comes hard will last, this is proven.

Nobody grinds harder than me on the blank page,

Other’s may put more hours in, but I’m positioned on a higher stage.

Efficient and productive, I’m never self-destructive,

Analyzing all criticism, listening closely to what’s constructive.

The will in my eyes catches you by surprise, because I’m wise,

Pinpointing the fraudulent characters, laughing at all of the lies.

The street’s doesn’t love anyone, even if you’re scraping up crumbs,

Bread is broken between the index finger and thumbs.

Get your gun license, if you aren’t marked as an outlaw,

Killer combos, lightning jabs, switching it up like I’m southpaw.

All dog’s need to eat; no matter their position on the food chain,

Making it rain throughout the pain, made her scream before she came.


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