Changed the business template three times to adapt,

Third time is the charm, charging for my time like Interac.

All the odds were set against me, but I beat them senseless,

Kind and compassionate, outworking these authors, incredibly relentless.

Strangers believed in me before the people who knew me,

I’m the opposite of the devil, you can’t see through me.

Money is the root of all evil, poverty is malicious and ruthless,

People get comfortable on the bottom, they’re absolutely useless.

There’s a time for happiness and a time for anger,

Devouring lentils and chickpeas; no banger.

Giving all glory to the lord, the sacred connection like an extension cord,

Concentrated on the future, so I’m never bored.

Possessing my own orbit like a planet,

Capturing the galaxy, enlightening the universe, never leaving empty handed.

Making constellations shine brighter, revealing their essence,

Glowing like the full moon, staying under the artistry of the clouds like a crescent.

Best friends turned into jealous haters, they don’t respect their maker,

Moved forward and assembled a team full of patient takers.

Professionalism is based on the majesty of your work ethic,

The pursuit of your dreams; most people think anorexic.

Every thought that crosses my mind is positive and lofty,

Destroying the negative with work and prayer is being bossy.

Commanding respect and demanding what I rightfully deserve,

Righteous actions and integrity is on reserve.

Everyone wants to live comfortably, but aren’t devoted,

Achieving the impossible, I’m all about it.

Nothing happens before its time; don’t rush the process,

Knowledge is priceless, I’m into consuming dark chocolate.

My biggest fear is leaving  my divine mission incomplete,

Consolidating my position with logic, theorizing the thermodynamics of heat.

Be your own agent, manager, publicist, and supporter,

You only become hotter if you believe you can get warmer.


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