Diamond heart, golden mind with silver lining,

Strangers don’t like that I’m shining, always grinding.

Weaving and bobbing like Tyson and Ali,

Rest in peace to the God, for getting people hype like a pep rally.

Unfinished business breeds harmonious continuity,

Goodness is about understanding the purpose of unity.

If you don’t love yourself, you’ll never truly love someone else,

Every word I’ve ever written is true, deeply heartfelt,

They want to destroy population’s by poisoning crops,

Monsanto spreads chemicals throughout agriculture, emotionless like a rock.

Contaminating the water from oil spills and animal excrement,

Fighting for freedom, distributing justice, equality is beyond relevant.

Put the person in their place if they’re out of line,

Speak your mind, before you let the system define.

Writing novels just to let the world know anything is possible,

Writing to eat, every business idea I execute is profitable.

I’ve been outside, watching all of my old friends,

I’m creating trends, hiring women before I meet my end.

I never believed in friends or trusted them,

Family is your most valuable investment, all I have is kin.

Nasty like a freak who spits and swallows,

Pushing products worldwide, no need for follows.

Lacing words with emeralds, selling ideas like rupees,

Why would you care about the treachery of a groupie?

So deep, rustic, philosophically inclined,

Working out so hard, my physical is defined.

Bury me beneath the caskets in every cemetery,

Overpowered every literary query, with tactical theories.

Acquired the boarding ticket for an itinerary to outer space,

You see the seriousness in my face, blessed with God’s grace.

President and king of Nova Scotia, you heard it here first,

Worth more than any dollars, money can buy you a curse.

Unless, you use it wisely, and provide for the people,

Cannibalism is eating off another man’s plate, greedily wanting a sequel.

Sequentially, engulfed in literary propensity,

You can’t measure the depths of my intensity.

Keeping it one-hundred like a century,

Trying to be like a melenium, so everybody mentions me.

Victory isn’t an option, just a destined lifestyle,

Underdog gaining the upper hand like I’m on top of the dog pile.


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