Publishing Powerhouse

So much fire in my heart I burn up the devil,

Breaking down milestones, other authors are pushing pebbles.

I see successful people and they look like the center of mediocrity,

Only five percent of successful individuals impress me.

Hypocrisy is an evil journal, written for you to indulge in externals,

Nasty with these words like public urinals.

Research the moves of your enemies or write your will,

My eyes are on everyone, the passion I possess gives you chills.

I’m an outlaw, with an inclination for legalities,

The definition of your reality is implanted deep within the actuality.

Platinum soul shining outside of my physical,

Thinking on some of the deepest plans; always critical.

Travelled the world with the power of my imagination,

So when it happens on my book tour, I’ll be touching every generation.

Everyone wants to claim they’re good on the streets,

But the block is only built for the tough ones, who rise up after defeat.

Victory has a cost that is worth more than dollars and cents,

Every time I bow my head down to God, I repent.

Looking into my crystal ball like a fortune teller,

I can’t predict the future, but I know I’ll be the best bestseller.

Every line crafted has a constant sense of purpose,

Writing deeper than the equator; these other writers just touch the surface.

Creation is the height of human intelligence and agency,

I’m hotter than summer out here, making it plain to see.

Shallow people base success off superficial things like sales and material,

Success is a mind state, the quintessence of being ethereal.

Having a good idea doesn’t make you a genius,

Even if you execute the plan, you could possibly be an extremist.

Genius is the most overused, misspoke word in the English language,

It’s like neglecting fruits and vegetables, only eating a peanut butter sandwich.

Digging the authentic souls who don’t work hard for credit,

They look after their family, and heal their wounds like a paramedic.


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