Step outside of your comfort zone on a daily basis,

The pinnacle of homeostasis, always remain gracious.

Reaching out to people who won’t respond,

When you get hot, they will know its on.

Reproducing products, tearing through the cloth of originality,

Pushing out a solidified purpose, hourly.

There’s no author better than me that’s breathing,

Every book written is precious like babies teething.

Superior literature, reaching heights higher than mountains,

Number one on the charts, steadily counting.

Judgments aren’t designed for humans; they belong to God,

Musical notes within every word like the library on your iPod.

Composing the grittiest scenes, enlightening like a light beam,

Beans and leafy greens are what keep you lean; domination is supreme.

Comments never bothered me, they just make me laugh hysterically,

Comedic gestures described within my characters like a parody.

Mistakes happen, the results are to learn quickly,

We’ve all been on a slope that’s slippery.

Never trust negative vibes or energy, the mark of an enemy,

Ten steps ahead, only surround myself with those who are kin to me.

Knowledge changes lives, the only pathway to education,

Charisma can’t be taught, but it leads the next generation.

Accolades like sales and rewards don’t make you hot,

Mogul mindset in every thought, prepared to stay on top.

Personal touch and appeal is how people see you’re real,

Consciously eat every meal, authenticity derives from your heel.

Creative license is having an overview of everything present,

Constantly looking into the future; colorful like a pheasant.

Devotion to the craft is how you set it off like a blast,

The time is now; only reflection is designed for the past.

Author’s try to fit into genres like jeans that are too small,

The only thing that matters is how you get up when you fall.




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