Get Up Or Lay Down

Late nights, early mornings have become a ritual,

Creating new art is a necessity, there’s no time for the reciprocal.

Either you let the past mold you or hold you,

Let these words rightfully console you.

Focus on what money can’t buy, you will be rich,

Swimming upstream like fish; not treating it as a dish.

Getting comfortable only defines a waste of time,

It will be at least then years before I’m in my prime.

The industry won’t give a fair shot to the most authentic,

Knowledge of freemasonry presented, life just got extended.

People yearn stardom because they want attention,

Insecurities are weaknesses, I live in another dimension.

Buried in the abyss, subconsciously lifted an empress,

Gaining the upper-hand like a bank account with interest.

Mathematical philosophies combating poverty, smooth not awkwardly,

Who you consider a hot author, isn’t hot to me.

Every poem I write is hotter than the flames in hell,

These are thoughts on the back of my mind, mastered every cell.

There’s nothing more unappealing than receiving fake love,

Covering up their hate and jealousy, claiming they believe in what’s above.

Legislation enforces foolish bills to be passed through parliament,

Enraging the people, putting them in danger, affecting their temperament.

Stopped encountering derision, pettiness is below my visions,

Propaganda is designed to imprison the art of decisions.

Attacking every single day with effort and enthusiasm,

Understanding what you can’t fathom; thanks to my protoplasm.

Dietary habits are predominantly atrocious, but obesity isn’t hopeless,

Fruits and vegetables are the pathway to feed your focus.

Love yourself more, value what you put into your body,

Stop being manipulated by thinking you look good in an Audi.

Most are caught up in the vortex of loving velleity,

Insight invoking the blind, who are vividly seeing me.


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