The Expansion

Aim to be esoteric, instead of cherishing the generic,

Thoughts are powerful, the heavens can hear it.

All of my words get reiterated like a parrot,

Fuel your body with colorful foods, like sweet potatoes and carrots.

Do your research in order to seek the truth,

Facts don’t appear out of thin air, you need to find the proof.

The False Reality Of Martin has been written for years,

The relaunch is a million dollar goldmine with no fears.

Uplift a person’s spirit before you choose to harm their emotions,

Mixing ingredients together like a potion, mind remains open.

Poetic verses full of emeralds, the truest general,

Prose dense like nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

This world of information everything comes into the light,

Darkness descends in succession, relieving the value of your sight.

Passion is the only element which truly pays dividends,

You won’t find anything more superior or equivalent.

The vehicle of success is built off strong wheels and pistons,

Accelerating into a new dimension, soak in the knowledge and listen.

The anticipation of antipathy is being acclaimed critically,

Basking in the spotlight, soaking the sun up in Italy.

Secret plans are what command the land, the concept expands,

Manifest wisdom to gain the upper hand, acquiring what I command.

Silence of the mind is a divine grind like the antioxidants in red wine,

Accurate, sublime, beyond fine, the only constant is changes through time.

The future holds no apprehension, just the grace of God’s extension,

Reviving new levels of comprehension like the formation of interventions.

Life has so much to offer and be happy about, choose your route,

Even during a flood, the optimistic continue to stay afloat.

The beauty of art is a from of expression that can be coined expressionless,

Turn away from pursuing your dreams and that’s when depression hits.

Everyone is blessed, but you need to work for your blessings,

Sins can be converted into important lessons, you’re reading my confessions.


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