Creating The Future

This is my era, the only person you have to blame is the man in the mirror,

Analyze the decisions you make, and life becomes clearer.

Attacking the publishing industry, labelled as the largest terror,

Apart from God and my family, the written word is superior.

Hold the torch high, don’t allow the flame to burn you,

When the tides swell, let the embrace of nature turn you.

Education is an everlasting road of twists and spirals,

If you’re willing to go the distance, you will travel for miles.

Commitment should be dispersed for the sake of humanity,

Stop indulging in all of these supplements promoting vanity.

Looking good and feeling good are two totally separate mechanisms,

Justice and peace is needed; we must rise out of this cataclysm.

Reading the wrong information can lead you into perdition,

Fill your mind with positive, philosophical ammunition.

Recognize the warning signs of monotonous times,

Don’t blindly condone the deception of the asinine.

One conversation can change a life completely,

Unmatched in the writing world; nobody can beat me.

Overpower enemies with love and forgiveness,

Nourish your body, invest in what’s nutritious.

Pinpointing the essence of principles, serving a purpose,

Reading through what is seen at the surface.

Mystic like a cat; cryptic acquisition, pummeling tradition,

Thriving off my intuition, shattering the barrier of encryption.

Fake people are keen on draining others energy,

Misfortunes are manufactured by our own hands; they are meant to be.

The choice is yours–you’ll either be entertained or work hard,

I coined the term: grind hard, play your cards like the name of a boulevard.

Soul is about seeing beyond the lust for materialistic pursuits,

The potency of mass media teaches you to shoot.

Build up the culture, instill a sense of heightened posterity,

Underneath the underground, and the whole world is hearing me.




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