Opening Doors

Turn your back on me and see your demise,

Funding every single design of my enterprise.

Bosses only respect bosses, the opposition only see losses,

Demons swear their deep, but every action they execute is thoughtless.

Playing chess, the progression is limitless because of my penmanship,

Kindred spirits connect, display discernible difference through apprenticeship.

When blood is shed somebody has to pay, but violence isn’t the answer,

Believe me; no matter the situation, there’s always another way.

If you’re the leader, people often follow; heads are hallow,

I’m the God of this art, poetry, light, and knowledge like Apollo.

Arrogance is inherently apparent, the trademark of a liability,

Every move made possesses agility, just presenting my virility.

Mitigation leading to liberation, teaching the future generation,

Intrinsically hammering down penetration like a gun registration.

Money doesn’t chase anyone, but you want numerous lump sums,

I’m a on route to eat bread, not scrape around for crumbs.

The era being created is the most hated, the cheese comes grated,

Touching millions of people worldwide; acknowledgement of being underrated.

Had companionship eroded with hatred and toxicity,

Now, they’re missing me, everything I experience is serendipity.

Grounded on the concrete, hustling during rain, snow or sleet,

Learned from defeat, the sojourn traveled has been unique.

Only investing my time in what produces dividends,

It doesn’t matter which author you name, there’s no equivalent.

Drinking water, sipping tea, eating like a vegan with a decree,

Knowledge already surpassed the validity of any academic degree.

Intelligent like a fox, setting traps up without recognition,

Fierce like a lion, bringing a lavish life into fruition.

Prepared by a prophet, you’re leaking lies like a faucet,

Gained back more than when I lost it, the definition of profit.

Wasted my currency, buried in a hole of stifling perdition,

But I rise higher with every thought and empower my position.


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