Us Against Them

Overlooked, underground, the most influential author,

Respecting the craft, every sentence is created proper.

Taking what’s mine, extorting the industry like I’m committing crimes,

Commercial success, published independently on a global scale like The New York Times.

Cowards acting like murderers, reinforcing their own insecurities,

Not being a wealthy mogul never occurred to me.

Buzzing alongside the best of the best is what the public attests,

The most hated author alive, I won’t be truly appreciated until death.

Turning one stack to a rack; on route to millions, believe that,

Addicting style like crack, only speaking straight facts.

I never forget a name or face, memory engraved by God’s grace,

Monopolizing the province like Boardwalk and Park Place.

The truest hustler, selling words like soda on the selves,

The difference is my voracity empowers the state of your health.

Freelance writing will fund the startup of my business,

Chasing after my goals like a journey through fitness.

Putting my feet up isn’t an option, the hunger for more,

Victory is only gained by giving, create your own doors.

Beating all of the odds, unequivocally the greatest,

Worldwide trends, you’ve just been updated on the latest.

I’m going straight to the top with these poems and books,

The spot you occupy is like a pawn eliminating a rook.

Mastered the publishing industry, so people act like friends to me,

Passionate about the hard work I put in; call it an affinity.

Moving steadfast on the road to riches, avoiding the traffic,

Burning all of these writers alive with acid.

Drinks, jokes and cheerful conversation is the watermark of purgatory,

Analyzing the childish games, the view is heavenly from the observatory.

Miserable people stay in relationships because they fear being alone,

They lay on a bed of needles, and call it a comfortable home.

Revenge is a dish best served by happiness and gratitude,

You won’t locate my essence, immersed in the platitudes.


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