Avoiding every altercation, like I’m relaxing on vacation,

My vision is above limitations, the freedom of creation.

Valuing gossip and degradation isn’t plausible mitigation,

Penetration of truth, spiraling into the next generation.

Every particle of knowledge is written in books, receive the invitation,

Desecration has become an accepted way of leading nations.

Democracy isn’t a choice; it’s promoted for identification,

Voting is already spoken for, they just want your registration.

Promises are broken, these crooks aren’t submitting to resignation,

HAARP controls the weather, the magnitude of earthquakes are a demonstration.

Speaking the truth, expelling light, holding the torch, strengthening relations,

How long are minds going to stay asleep, accepting this devastation?

Poetic soul, mastered prose, superior storyteller, delving into litigation;

Born for luxurious living, unlike cows, who are forced into insemination.

Expressing the impressions accurately, blessed with articulation,

Writing under the rays of sun; shining because of the moons participation.

Revisionist history is distorting the patterns of what actually happened,

The alarm clock doesn’t have to go off, directing this ship like a captain.

Once you start what’s meant, you won’t stop until the grave,

Embracing the genuine, money shouldn’t make you a modern day slave.

Descending down upon these writers like an avalanche,

You won’t move me out of my stance unless I decide to dance.

Every word written is enhanced, the definition of advanced,

These are thoughts on the back of my mind, you’re entranced.

Orchestrating events like the conductor of a symphony,

Overpowering all of the haters with every tremendous epiphany.

You can’t pay for generosity, loyalty, ambition, and humility,

If you don’t possess these attributes, I assume you’re plotting on killing me.

But the plan is useless, the devil is powerless among giants,

Following guidelines and rules isn’t my prerogative; call me defiant.

Pedigree: unknown entity, a real G, the best things come in threes,

Snitches get destroyed and delivered like a structured plea.



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