Informed more than a disciple, towering above like the Eiffel,

Cycling through what’s delightful, only writing what’s insightful.

Author’s waste words on the page, their work is absolute garbage,

Attuned precisely with the cosmos–a saint in the bay like Margaret.

Extending my hand to new nations on the daily,

God is on my side, so none of these words crafted can fail me.

Scientific economist, prophecy envisioned like an optometrist,

Breaking down chromosomes like a biologist, raging like a rhinoceros.

Hypnotizing the globe, the prose is forever prosperous,

Rewinding time, decimating what’s thoughtless and monotonous.

Conviction is an addiction of a balling hard prediction,

Millions of sales in fiction is an accurate depiction.

Sincere storyteller, influence stronger than Helen Keller,

Brave, loyal dog like old Yeller, rising up from the cellar.

The galaxy is mine, like a constellation I’m born to shine,

Outlining future times, like a philosopher on their grind.

Defining tomorrow by the actions I produce today,

The publishing industry didn’t want to let me in, so I do things my way.

Heroic, determined, confident, full of passion, completing dreams,

Scheming above the dirtiest schemes, painting astounding themes.

Ascending past turmoil, blossoming like a flower sprouting out of the soil,

Making enemies kick back like a recoil, the blood in my veins is royal.

Wishing the best for all of my haters who aren’t winning,

They rely heavily on the devils stead, satisfied with their sinning.

Nobody is capable of taking food off my plate, even at my wake,

Once I get what’s written, I’m investing in land and real estate.

Sustaining and maintaining outside of the profession created,

Opening other businesses after every author is incinerated.

You couldn’t keep up with my pace, the world will remember my face,

Agility is my prerogative and taste, empowering love within the human race.

Reinventing literary composition, consciousness is revelations submission,

Progression is a transition of erudition, displaying deadly dedicated intuition.


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