The world is made up of delicate, revolutionary particles,

Read in-between the lines, when researching articles.

Beauty doesn’t lie in the flesh, the entity is intangible,

Fill your body with junk and become an animal.

Large doors are about to open like entering a castle,

Unchained by the shackles, forbidden fruit isn’t an apple.

The blues is something everyone can relate to,

Challenges are the only way to facilitate a breakthrough.

Writing like a conducted symphony, prepared for entropy,

The only method of publishing is with intensity.

Tough talking is known for its contemptuous mocking,

Examining the content, before the consideration of blocking.

Creation is a pathway towards discovery and invention,

Enhancing your spirit is the finest process of ascension.

Pain doesn’t stifle, it can be used as a weapon like a rifle,

Delightful notes memorized, like the performance of a recital.

Concentrating on what you want is accomplished by action,

Fill your mind with happiness, the law of attraction.

Authentic writing is like the supplication of prayer,

But put it in the wrong hands, and your days become grayer.

Looking at statistics and believing them is a personal choice,

But not all numbers add up, stand up; have your own voice.

We grow gradually, even if we produce exponentially,

Mastered the complex and rudimentary, evading the penitentiary.

Miracles happen every day, but nothing is ever given,

Angels are the watermark that your vision has risen.

Fearing death means you aren’t making the most out of a moment,

The deception is captured when you aren’t fulfilling your omens.

Negative energy makes me laugh; writing memorable like an epitaph,

Structuring my life into a mathematical demonstration like a graph.

Writing a book is like solving a puzzle; full of discovery,

Excavating the depths of who you are–depicting a short summary.







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