Breakthrough, tore the walls down, entered through the side door,

Working hard, revolutionary spirit, ready to explore.

I’m like the moon, the way I satellite around the earth,

Trusting God–he rose me up out of the dirt.

Taking what’s mine, so nobody can take a thing from me,

Grinding every day, whether it’s snowing, raining, or sunny.

Taking over the publishing industry is the beginning of the course,

Chinese zodiac of the horse, you can feel I’m an unstoppable force.

Humility is a priceless ability, the bottom line of agility,

You won’t take my life, the haters aren’t killing me.

I’m not hard to find; good intentions, writing in another dimension,

The only option for every day I live is ascension.

I’d like to introduce you to the plug, but you lames won’t meet me,

Throwing jabs–a heavy hitter, you won’t beat me.

Listening to those who are sincere, the prevaricators I don’t hear.

Writing is my vehicle I put into gear, the drive is why I persevere

Bragging isn’t an action I condone, it sets a vile tone,

When the money calls, you better answer the phone.

The women love me like LL Cool J; setting precedence for brighter days,

The truth hurts; call me a savage, like I’m incapable of mending my ways.

The moment you’re scared of your own people, you become lost,

Holding grudges and hate is the opposite of being a boss.

Plenty of greedy people acting like they’re righteous,

Identifying the snitches, zombies, and the lifeless.

There’s nobody harder on me than myself–believe that,

The flames of hell could burn me and I’ll stay intact.

Happiness is a state of mind, attracting what I please,

It’s never been a local movement, always developing overseas.

Turning up the volume, picking up speed, the rarest breed,

Crops enriching the landscape, planting plenty of seeds.

Emotions don’t infiltrate the realm of business; animated and vivid,

Astute observations, shrewdness is my trademark, the definition of exquisite.



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