Your Favorite

Far from a regular person, won’t give into coercion,

Hate is pushed to the forefront, as a diversion.

Expanding the movement, experiencing multiple excursions,

I’m just trying to be the best version, blending up greatness like an immersion.

The height of my writing decadence, sets an unparalleled precedence,

Captured the solution on circumstances that were exigent.

If the source of a threat isn’t a promise, then it isn’t honest,

Good deeds are what weighs on the scale–here to admonish.

Glorifying days ahead is impossible, the future is blinding,

Shining is only given to those who won’t stop grinding.

Avoiding violence is intelligence, thriving in various elements,

Stomping through the kingdom like an elephant.

Keeping a low profile is my style, the dissection of secret files,

Moving under the radar, creating a base to walk on like floor tiles.

Stepping over puddles of pain, hopeful visions from the rain,

I’ll never care about fame, just focused on creating my own lane.

Nobody is going to hold your hand and show you the way to success,

You must believe in yourself, and work hard to be the best of the best.

When the future is spoken about, my name will be a part of it,

Covenant I made with the universe; average thoughts, I’m flying above it.

The most anticipated author to ever hit the scene so clean,

Determined to live all of my dreams; strength risen by beans.

Doing the right things aren’t warranted by many,

But follow what your heart tells you, and you’ll end up with plenty.

Pray, plan, set a strategy and execute–always feed the destitute,

Navigate towards the highway, don’t get caught in a vicious loop.

Loyalty means you don’t have any friends, just family until the end,

They want the best for you, there’s no need to pretend.

Getting the upper hand takes years of dedication like a contract stipulation,

Commanding eternal veneration, fighting for justice and liberation.

Abiding by a set of solidified principles, consolidating literary prowess,

Swimming among the sharks, eating away at the petty cowardice.



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