Buzzing Like A Bee

The resurgence of a true author, I’m not a big talker,

Impacting the world like opera; polite, sophisticated and proper.

Putting in overtime on the blank page, free my real one’s in the cage,

The haters keep coming, you won’t get anywhere being enraged.

Shortage of food on my plate, attracting an enormous readership,

Strategizing the itinerary of my flight, held accountable for this leadership.

Kings and queens invest their time in sure things;

We aren’t consumed by moments of lust or diamond rings.

When it’s a do or die situation I always deliver,

Making the publishing industry shiver–a taker but more of a giver.

Love is full of inspiration, positive energy, and strong will,

Every time my words touch the page, I go in for the kill.

Determined to accomplish every dream I imagine deeply,

Nobody on this planet can stop me, you won’t beat me.

Business plans written down before they were brought into fruition,

Dangerous thoughts like nitroglycerin, consolidating my position.

Fearing death is cowardly, too creative to be paid hourly,

Floating in the clouds, but entrenched in the soil where the flowers be.

Revelations descend upon my soul every hour,

Inspiration for new novels, the potentcy of my power.

Quality over quantity is the motto; a lot of heads are hollow,

Addicted to nonsense like subscribers, comments, likes, and follows.

Remarkably astounding concepts, substance is a covenant,

Corporations engineer the government, then inform consumers how their time is spent.

I prefer to kick it with women like a sorority,

Respected by all, strength in every step, the blessing of authority.

Receiving strong visions of better living is a given,

Learning more every day, focused on making wiser decisions.

Grimy demeanor, insightful eyes shining bright like the sun,

We are all one, increasing my stamina, destined for a long run.

Seriously superior, you can tell by my exterior,

Humble until the end; crown your queen or somebody else will marry her.


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