Outselling the bestsellers, the greatest author alive,

Describing the graciousness of my future, you can see God in my eyes.

Capitalism has the world hypnotized under an evil spell,

Teaching the world daily, you only succeed if you fell.

Nobody grinds harder than me and that’s a promise,

A solidified threat to the globe because I’m so honest.

If I want you dead and missing, I can switch your position,

But my heart is full of love; observing acutely, always willing to listen.

Publishing mogul, tight circle, avoiding the ovals,

Your girl told me she’s never met a king this noble.

It doesn’t matter how wild the block, I’ll show up,

Explosions within this pen, the blank page is about to blow up.

Speak the truth clearly and you’ll get accused of lying,

Starving children are dying, parent’s won’t stop crying.

Everyone deserves to eat, but the uninspired accept defeat,

Numerous writing styles like I’m equipped with a fleet.

Centralized enterprises, don’t get shocked by surprises,

Structured and organized, engaged with what Allah advises.

Bosses make sure their team is good before they eat,

Running the marathon smoothly like a track meet.

Old friends are the worst, praying on my down fall,

I believe in my capabilities–all of my writing is raw.

Staying up until 5AM receiving revelations, bleeding ink,

Every paragraph is re-read, causing you to stop and think.

No excuses, they are useless and fruitless,

Locked in on every dream, there’s more than one way to do this.

The reason why the pictures I paint are so vivid is because I live it,

When opportunity knocks on my door, I don’t ask who is it?

Provocations don’t make me livid, they just guarantee more digits,

Innovative and eternally creative, the production is so exquisite.

I’m an assassin on the page, bringing back the haze,

Classic literature, entering another phase, the only route to escape the maze.


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