Save Yourself

Creating your own lane is the only way to alleviate pain,

Relief and rejuvenation is provided like the blessing of rain.

The moon brings out another side of me,

Hustling is a notion like the ocean is a proprietary.

This is God’s society, but the devil is lying,

Why start a new path and you’re not even trying?

These cornballs are like a plate of cornbread to me,

People are lost on their devices in the 21st century.

You’re either money on the table or food on the plate,

Not grinding hard everyday hasn’t been your only mistake.

I came in this writing world to dominate and eviscerate,

Putting an end to all the myths the media chooses to propagate.

Reporting real news like I’m the fifth estate,

Lately, I’ve been up writing until the sun hits my face.

Concentrate, focus, and build the visions you receive,

The public will be caught in your rapture, the spell of intrigue.

You can’t build a solid platform without any genuine effort,

Professionalism is about working harder than anyone else, the ultimate texture.

Taking the next step, barely stopping for rest,

Passed every test due to my own behest.

Sitting on a goldmine of superior literary thoughts,

Have a view from the highest window like a flower pot.

The industry tried to stop me from shining,

I found my way, the luxury of wining and dining.

Only suckers are afraid of failure, immersed in rough waters like a sailor,

I penetrate the souls of queens, prepared to impale her.

Made the city mine; they follow my directions,

You only survive because of my protection.

All the hate does is make me a stronger man,

Increases the size of my pockets, puts my spirit in higher demand.

Prayer, hope, and wishing only works with actions behind them,

Prevaricators let materialism define them and refine them.


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