Truth Serum

Millions of books sold digitally, then the figures doubled physically,

Fulfilling my obligations and responsibilities–a hustler, I’m the epitome.

I know people who want to get rid of me, you must be kidding me,

Reading holy scriptures, getting inspired, enhancing my virility.

Shooting to top like a rocket, sealing my fate, time to lock it,

Hotter than Mercury, colder than Pluto, the solar system is in my pocket.

Visions are prophetic, the haters are pathetic, healing people like a medic,

I always knew I would get it, the impeccable literary aesthetic.

Mastermind plotting on a scheme to clock millions,

One isn’t enough; it’s shameful like a cracked up ceiling.

My mind is like the perfect storm, moving militant throughout the land,

Locked Down poetry collection will be in demand, like a beach with smooth sand.

Philosophically inclined, the message defined is utterly sublime,

Progressing every hour, far from my prime, the devotion is intertwined.

Women are precious, they leave me breathless, more valuable than a necklace,

Converting negative energy to positive; peaceful before getting reckless.

You can’t promote yourself without confidence and passion,

Production company, restaurants, candles, mineral oil, soap, and fashion.

Hitting unprecedented levels in all of those industries,

Working out hard, getting my weight up, these are my affinities.

Communication is clear, there’s no room for entropy,

It’s an ineffable feeling, knowing I’ll never see the penitentiary.

Molding a lifestyle that children can admire before I retire

Posterity is prosperity, feeding the inner-city–all I do is rise higher.

Commerce and trade, everyone has gotten played,

Receiving more than I lost, retaining back more like a raid.

The breed I’m cut from is cleaner than a fresh shower,

Standing tall and erect, an indispensable addition to the city like the tower.

These fraudulent individuals are cracked and hilarious,

Trying to hold water, everything they attempt is precarious.

These heathens claim they believe in God, but live in conjecture,

They crack under pressure, letting what has no meaning fester.


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