Time is limited but money is limitless,

Improving every time I touch the blank page, my words are profound and intricate.

This month is bringing insurmountable blessings, with sublime lessons,

Concentrating on making the best first impressions every session.

I sacrificed my life for this writing regime,

All of my hard work is finally reaping dividends, grinding to the extreme.

Attuned and apprised about the streets, but won’t see defeat,

I plan on paying my authors first, they’re the flagship of my fleet.

Every author has to fall back, the top is mine,

The False Reality Of Martin and Ladies Prism surpasses groundbreaking and divine.

Rediscovered my soul on the page, made it my enlightened stage,

We all feel rage, but mine is controlled and precise like a gauge.

Serious business is going down, only my head wears the crown,

Nicest in my province, I like how that sounds.

The amount of opportunities that I’ve been seeing is pure liberation,

Cherishing the children, all I have is love for the next generation.

Everything I’ve ever written reflects my life; past, present, or future,

Society is a mess with these vigilante shooters.

I’ve been so broke I couldn’t eat or pay the bills, constantly twitching, receiving chills,

Never been this focused, treating writing like I’m pitching pills.

God will give you everything you pray for if you work towards it,

I’m living proof, style so gorgeous, the ladies adore it.

Murder, drugs, sex, and money are the desires and motives,

I see through all of this deception, the oppressors won’t sugar coat it.

The media produces propaganda, with a striking headline,

Once it catches your attention, they just manipulated every thought on your mind.

Supplying our countries with unlimited firearms and weaponry,

Teaching us to hate, envy, kill; depleting our energy, promoting lethargy.

Most people wake up in the mornings and are already dead,

I just explained the process and conditions, they obliterate your head.

If it isn’t about truth, justice, peace, love, and positive thoughts it doesn’t concern me,

I’m influencing the globe tremendously, examining my journey.

The industry picks and chooses who they want in the public eye,

Comments, likes, views, and subscribers don’t determine revenue supply.

Stop being fooled by the layers of deception these bankers plant,

Masquerading as philanthropists, reciting an evil chant.

The ritual is sickening, I hope you’re listening,

Working hard is my motto before being entertained by what’s interesting.

The attention span is so short now they distract you with games,

Visuals of a virtual reality rotting your brain, but nobody complains.

Dissecting the culture as it’s meant to be presented,

Love your own body, don’t chase after these physiques that are drugged and augmented.


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