The Process

People living lies are the first to commend you about the truth,

You’ll see me briefly, and then I’ll quickly disappear-poof.

Scotian Breeze is an influential movement like Badboy,

Positively impacting this generation like Taylor Gang; stop acting coy.

Clouds grow thicker, lighting scented candles, take a picture,

Studying the goodness and depths of all religious scripture.

Analyzing the Old Testament, New Testament, and the Holy Quran,

Ruler of this nation, pulling strings lightly like the best don.

Getting lost in the darkness happens to the best of us,

Swallowed by the viciousness and engulfed in lust.

There’s a way out of any situation, send out the invitations,

Refuse to keep it regular with regulation, closing commanding negotiations.

I saw myself in places, seeing beautiful faces, exotic spaces,

Way before success happened, I knew my life would be full of aces.

Underestimate nobody and never trust a soul,

They will lead you into a trap, just play your role.

Locked the writing world down, made it look simplistic,

Everything I write is astronomically futuristic.

Feeling like I’m high before the smoke hits me,

Snakes rarely make eye contact, all of their moves are shifty.

Why does everyone claim to be a gangster extraordinaire?

They won’t confront people or interfere–loathing a circle, living in a square.

Leveling up takes every ounce of energy you have inside,

Tenacious and gracious, destroying my feeble pride.

Being lonely on the top is better than the bottom,

An abundance of villains in my city like its Gotham.

Visualizing the visions that nobody is given,

Making incisions to live by every decision.

Planets inside my eyes, mysterious like the solar system,

Consuming the universe; only producing starry fiction.

Surpassing every author whose been successful for decades,

I was born to become filthy rich like the luxury of brocade.




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