Game Plan

Building my brand from the ground up, planting seeds of wisdom,

Sprouting crops from the soil with a limitless vision.

Relentless nature, penetrating the other side of the spectrum,

Coming back where the wind blows, understanding the inflection.

If writing was an easy feat it wouldn’t make authors unique,

All of my enemies retreat, overpowering assertions, their energy I deplete.

Striving to be the best only comes through work ethic,

Professionalism is about out working your competitors internationally and domestic.

Propensity for anomalies, writing stories engulfed in tragedy and comedy,

Satan is a joke who puts on a cowardly front of camaraderie.

Tricking me is only part of my history, you live and you learn,

Created a new lane, took a sharp turn, most are digging up dirt like a worm.

Positivity is the root of my energy, motivated until the next century,

Greed is for the foolish who live a life of chaotic entropy.

Day in and day out, entranced in habits shaping the future,

The power of now is real, this isn’t a mistake like a blooper.

Taking what’s mine isn’t easy, but what’s difficult stays,

Book’s full of strategies, written facts, and overwhelming plays.

Challenges are hard like the shooters waiting parked on the boulevard,

Rising up like fresh bread, always knew how to play my cards.

Making everyday count like my time has run out,

I’ve been knocked down so many times I weathered the drought.

Saw my purpose years ago, remained grounded on ten toes,

Landed my strikes and took my blows; my aura glows.

Attracting what I need, absorbing the information I read,

Never be fearful to take the lead, let the followers plant seeds.

Hunger for more is a voracious appetite that won’t be suppressed,

Promised myself I’d accomplish every dream before death.

Respecting the craft is the only way to improve,

Cops try to watch my moves, but they can’t trace what I see as food.

Paying the price for a lavish life is a continuous fight,

Freedom, justice, and equality is a gamble; time to roll the dice.




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