Shattering Barriers

Rising above the frivolous, hideous plots,

Junction at the crossroads, made the right decision to get to the top.

Going against the status quo, the next author to blow,

Illuminating the truth, like the night sky intertwined with a cosmic show.

Seizing opportunities, activating literary prowess, the world is consuming me,

Inspiring millions, motivating the children, living for peace and unity.

Admonition in every preposition, consolidating a more powerful position,

The artistic waves ripple the most evil minds into submission.

Every poem produced is like a heavenly rendition,

Angels surround my physical, the holiest prescription.

Aware of the trickery, nobody can stop my epiphanies,

Perpetually representing the brand I embody, officially.

Reaping the benefits of a seasoned veteran author,

Literary monster, fan first, loving talent without a sponsor.

Politics corrupted every industry, the sin of dependency,

Writing is my affinity, having character is about keeping it a century.

The kids are watching; this is about consistency, effort, and dedication,

All I receive is veneration, studying the correct information.

People will forget about the creations of my infinite publications,

Saturated by other business endeavors; supreme litigation.

The next chapter is full of peace, revenue, lust, and love,

Promised myself to become a legend like Michael Jackson’s white glove.

Metamorphosis, light so bright, call it an orifice,

The bliss of heavens kiss, breaking down the iron fist.

Only focused on potency, possessing the holy key,

God keeps opening up doors, the finest decree.

Spreading hope, treating everyone with dignity and respect,

Leadership is about giving others stability combined with intellect.

Knife expert, whether it’s the chopping board or  flesh,

Sharper mind, applying pressure like a full-court press.

Organization, discipline, and consistency doesn’t only pertain to financial matters,

These skills are the quintessence of eradicating snakes to climb ladders.




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