Praying On A Star

Praying to impact the world like constellations,

The inception illuminated the universe, extraterrestrial salutations.

The future is only as bleak as you see it,

Climate change has globalised the trade funds, this isn’t a thesis.

Didn’t even have a dime to my name,

The blood of a champion kept rushing through my veins.

Victory is within reach, imagining vacations on the beach,

Overcoming what’s ordinary, the volition to teach.

Rapists, child molesters, and serial killers belong in prison,

They threw away the goodness of life they were given.

Exexuting the vision is an exceptional decision,

Elitist organizations cause the injustice of division.

Humility is learned, patience is earned,

Working out hard, the mind muscle connection, feel the burn.

Character is about molding gratitude into reality,

The art of forgiveness is deeply entranced in actuality.

Engaged in the procurement, rising above disturbance,

The faculties of keen sight, telescopic observance.

Mountains bulldozed over, the resilience is brilliant,

Living the written facts, moving tranquil, capacity instantly militant.

Meeting demands is about overwhelming commands,

Business tactics, evading imprisonment, on route to expand.

If it isn’t global, I don’t touch the land, under the radar like contraband,

The will is divine, fascinating, supreme grind, gaining the upper hand.

When you are at the bottom they won’t open the door,

Entered through the side door, efficacious nature absorbed.

Putting priorities first is relentless devotion,

Smoothing out the rough edges like lotion.

Substance so magical, it moves with the ocean,

Rinse, lather, repeat, the literary potion.

Read more than you write, but write more than imaginable,

Ancient civilizations, magical realism, explaining the unfathomable.

Digging deep into the grain, more crops were obtained,

Pulled the root out of the ground, and wasn’t even drained.

God works for your efforts, bestows blessings upon your frame,

The architecture and design is insane; recreating the physical, winning the game.

Looking out for others, even those who were never my brothers,

They need love too, a key to life I discovered.

This is what I believe in, experts claim I had a brain lesion,

Changing the weather out here; this is Beezy Season.

Writing is purely passionate, I never crave attention,

The new root of all evil; they enjoyed obliterating the pension.

Vanity is insanity, the inside divide, building the bridge for humanity,

Escaping perilous calamities, fool’s aren’t understanding me.

The constant evolution, certain resolutions, discipline above all ends,

Delayed my benevolent duties and fell for all sins.

Came out of it quick, the motionless trick,

Loved the experience, I’m speaking about lessons that stick.


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