Learning To Earn

Corporation’s teach a policy that makes society submissive,

I’m here to help you differentiate the sharks from the fishes.

Dilemmas are only a problem if your mind receives it,

Lost a lot of friends on my publishing sojourn; forever prestigious.

When you’re getting money, you make it while you sleep,

Complex and independent; all of my literature is deep.

Thought provoking messages, my spirit is intrepid,

Vigor in my step, every move is analyzed, the traffic gets directed.

Life is a gamble, so I bet on myself,

Beating all the odds, created a direct link to wealth.

Preventing altercations, through powerful demonstrations,

Building on brilliant ideas, the result is growth and amalgamation.

Seeing life clearly, made the world less eerie,

Increasing my stamina from beans, greens, grains, and berries.

Inspiring your favorite author to work harder,

Every time I fell down, I progressed farther.

Working smarter; time is on my side,

Managing finances, making it work, coming out clean like tide.

Looks are always deceiving, it’s never what you’re believing,

Rapture within the billows is the reason why I’m succeeding.

Seeing expressions others can’t even begin to comprehend,

There’s no need to pretend; structure and discipline is how you win.

All of the doors were jammed shut,

But I was still utterly determined to come up.

Lost count of the sleepless nights, and the broke days,

Discovered more about my character, destined to fly away.

Kill or be killed is how I play the game,

It’s a shame people create deceptive art for the sake of fame.

Talent cannot be denied, my skills multiply daily,

Faith is a blessing that will never fail me.

My nose stays in the books, not in other people’s business,

Mystifying wordsmith, poetic flair, I’m so gifted.


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