Cherishing Your Visions

Admittedly, I slapped a couple girls across the face as an enraged adolescent,

Turned my anger into motivation; saw women’s divinity–what a blessing.

I’ve done many things I’m ashamed about,

But I’m not going to conceal my faults, you need to let them out.

Love yourself more, self-loathing is the worst sickness,

Devote yourself towards goals for wealth, health, and fitness.

Have you ever been torn between anguish that’s misplaced?

Do you think about your mistakes as being a disgrace?

Mistakes are ingrained in faith, fate is reaching a divine place,

Moving with grace isn’t about the pace like a police chase.

Strategize before its too late, every morning put food on your plate,

There’s a fine line between getting caught and a means to escape.

Living in debt creates stress for the manipulative press,

Gentlemen and divas aren’t concerned about money, they clean up a mess.

Media produces an all time high of propaganda,

The children are falling for fairy tales, evading the answers.

Deceptive marketing used to be only advertisements and posters,

Corporations leave a stain of disdain like a mug without a coaster.

Speaking my mind keeps my soulful voice suppressed,

I find a way under duress, accumulating knowledge like interest.

Credit is created to keep us locked in the sadistic system,

Industrial complex due to the apathy displayed in prisons.

When will we be given a fair chance for our decisions?

The only method to get ahead is cherishing your visions.

Destruction is warranted for the way we disrespect the planet,

Billions are broke, the capitalist system needs to be reprimanded.

Under these black clouds are streams of sublime consciousness,

I speak directly from my heart; Treasure Words, Collect Figures sponsored this.

Contemplation is the inception for groundbreaking innovation,

Collaboration is a torch fueling the wheels of scintillation.

Man up, stand up, put your hands up,

Participate in dialogue that facilitates getting your bands up.


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