Five Steps Away

Tattoos on your body, trying to signify your existence,

Frauds are addicted to drugs they stole, their valuables go missing.

The road to perdition, stagnates in a neurotic position,

They’re too terrified to evaluate their intuition.

Babies get slaughtered, precious new born daughters,

War cries won’t cease, the sacrificial martyrs.

Your perspective is either life is tragic or immersed in sublime magic,

Goodness pumps through my heart, but I’m still the baddest.

In the end: everything turns out for the best,

I can’t remember the last time I was stressed.

Humbled and grateful for any experience life throws at me,

Inspiring the ingenious innovators or making you feel ghastly.

Nobody is harder on me than myself, but I terminated the mantra,

Always knew I would be a literary monster, certified by my own sponsor.

I never needed to find myself, but felt lost,

Desolate corridors, emptiness inside, the quirks of being a boss.

Stepping on other’s necks just to come up is preposterous,

Longevity in every poem, the core is undeniably prosperous.

Tackling the transient, becoming my own management,

One business leads to the next endeavor, building a thorough establishment.

Capitalists are trying to trap us under the scope,

You know what I’m about; all I do is provide hope.

I had nothing to my name, no mass on my frame,

Started stacking serious paper, got publicized as being deranged.

You can say or think whatever you want about me,

Envious because you can no longer doubt me.

Kick started my own movement, screw a loan,

Do you think crowdfunding is going to help me buy a million dollar home?

Worked harder just to earn my spot,

I was beneath rock bottom and shot straight to the top.

Prophetic visions are always on lock like dead bodies traced in chalk,

Resurrecting my province, the greatest connections, that’s real talk.


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