Heal Yourself

The grind is a necessity, very few people are impressing me,

Love for everyone winning and struggling, God keeps blessing me.

Exhaling breaths that have the stench of death,

Reevaluate your life before you live under a threat.

No sleep isn’t advised, but it starts up an enterprise,

Take time out for yourself before you meet your demise.

Put family over everything under any circumstances,

Purpose is an art like the performance of choreographed dances.

Lie to yourself and fall into a pit of doom,

It must be hard to breathe without any room to consume.

The devil says everyone is a good person,

His lasso consists of conjecture, treachery, and coercion.

Face the facts before you have to look back,

Regretting your decisions, ashamed of your foul acts.

There’s no time to waste; this place is a race,

A marathon to be precise, you choose your own pace.

Working harder isn’t always the answer for rising higher,

Prosperity should be reached decades before you retire.

I smell the hate in the air, all it does is get me hype,

Take a hold of the torch you harbor, create your own light.

Posted in the publishing zone all night,

Leaving the country in the morning to catch an early flight.

These are simple dreams in life, chase them while you’re granted respite,

I speak about where I’m headed, its a complete delight.

When you control your destiny, the predictions are right,

Others see you as dangerous, intimidated by how you fight.

The truth is only warriors level up on a daily basis,

Never become complacent, stay humble and gracious.

Devote the majority of your day to making tomorrow brighter,

These are the thoughts and ambitions of a fighter.

You’re reading the greatest writer,

I spark up brilliant ideas, carry the flame like a lighter.


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