Higher Vibrations

Visions high above the ordinary thinker; my name rings bells,

Enemies smile in my face, tell me peace, they sense my intel.

Prepared for war at all times, dietary habits, exercise is refined,

Financially inclined to manage father time, uplifting the blind.

Ginger, garlic, carrots, sweet potatoes, kale, and peanut butter,

Naming a few healthy selections that keep me on my toes like a runner.

A lot of people only know how to speak of others in a negative passion,

Satan is a divine evil who creeps around the earth in a timely fashion.

Either you put God first or never believe in the revelations given,

Faith is the only path towards sustainability and better living.

We have all wasted time participating in frivolous activities,

Arrogance is believing in falsehood; a dangerous proclivity.

Seeing success for myself is like breathing,

Open up your mind and realize the blessings you’re receiving.

Business is about reaching negotiations, finding an understanding,

Walking out in a calm manner if you don’t get what you’re demanding.

Insightful outlook on the status of the world; the system is corrupted,

Changed up my plans, salacious women will always be seductive.

Telephone thugs act tough, but wouldn’t hurt a soul,

They are the ones who got beat down and told.

Catching me off guard isn’t possible, I see beyond horizons,

Jumping into the unknown; new experiences I dive in.

Executing your passion for free is a long-term financial investment,

The genesis of wealth in abundance; read the New Testament.

Leaving the block by foot is the only option, prepared to transform,

I’m like a rainbow that appears in the sky after a storm.

Reading, writing, cuisine, the depths of my dreams,

Organic business ventures; sixteen hour workdays to feed my team.

I only wish the absolute best for people and hope they succeed,

Helping others feeds the soul; there’s no time for greed.

The False Reality Of Martin and Ladies Prism will change the planet,

Universal messages, truth serum, prose morbid and romantic.


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