Hustle Or Die

Making something out of nothing, the beauty of creation,

Nations are set out to provide you a deceptive message, refuse the invitation.

The living dead are roaming the earth like their in bed,

Asleep while they’re awake, lost inside their head.

Vitality is my reality, reading about senseless fatalities,

Enjoy your meals, eat whole plant-based foods, stop counting calories.

Cool off with the splash of my pen,

I set people on fire, above Satan, determined to win.

Proposing unconventional methods, awakening the decrepit,

These are the visions I’ve been blessed with.

Certain days I felt like there was no advancement,

Surrounded by criminals, the law was keen on entrapment.

Quality isn’t appreciated like it was in the past,

I won’t hesitate to blast, I already ate you and went on a fast.

Used to wait outside the corner store just to re-up,

Most people are cowards who just seem tough.

I see through the treachery and conjecture,

My writing has a spiritual texture, the unstoppable lecture.

I’m about to be where the planes reside,

Floating among the clouds is what I decide.

Stuck in my ways, writing started as a hobby,

Translated the passion into a job, executed properly.

Started building a multi million dollar career truly,

Expanded into other industries is my duty.

Writing my heart out before the sunrises,

Seeing problems in hindsight, so there are no surprises.

Going even harder when the night sky descends,

Late nights, early mornings are the makings of legendary men.

The next day I repeat the hustle again with my delicate pen,

Creating lucrative patterns; no time to follow trends.

Devouring the black hole, reaching my goals,

I’m in complete control, focused on empowering my soul.


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