Most authors have a nine-to-five after their books see success,

I’m making writing my career, pushing hard to be the best.

When The False Reality Of Martin and Ladies Prism launch they will explode,

International bestsellers is the truth that is told.

As time progresses they will only become more authentic,

An indelible mark on the world that will be reprinted.

Reaching above the stars, clinching the moon tightly,

The only methodology for my words to shine brightly.

I never let the devil fool me, so he can ignite me,

Low profile on these streets; watching your moves, you better tread lightly.

There’s nobody quite like me, I’ll knock you out if you fight me,

It’s all love, keeping my spirit down is highly unlikely.

You can feel the pain depicted in these words,

Haunted days turned into dreadful nights out on the curb.

The top is the only place I’m working towards, that’s my word,

Most people think that I’m absurd; they chirp like birds.

Caring what someone thinks about you is a weak road,

Disloyalty is snitching in all forms, I follow the street code.

Laugh at the people who stress about what doesn’t matter,

I’m the next up, outside the box like a batter.

Recharging energies like batteries, penetrating mental cavities,

Creating witty analogies, learning from my fallacies.

The first thing I do in the morning is write down something supreme,

The blank page revewals all of my wildest dreams.

Building writers up, then breaking them down is the regime,

Going hard, even when the negative energy tries to intervene.

Worrying is useless; all it does is cause a major sickness,

Moving with the swiftness, gaining muscle mass is the definition of fitness.

If you aren’t inspiring others, then I won’t spend time with you,

The only way to build with me is to keep it official.

Blessings only appear from the work you put in daily,

Naps increase productivity, they never fail me.


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