Beginnings And Endings

The cycle of life and death starts and ends with a breath,

The only thought on my mind is to become the best.

The streets are getting strange, snitching is accepted,

Loyalty doesn’t entice relationships, it’s brutally neglected.

Every time my pen touches the blank page; Nova Scotia is resurrected,

Success only comes to those who don’t care about getting rejected.

I never feared failure or defeat; no need to retreat,

Production company by 2021; videos, documentaries, and philosophical beats.

A plethora of business ideas that will be executed,

Shocking the world, waking them up like they were electrocuted.

Crafting poetry, writing stories, composing words like music,

Presenting facts, backing it up with the evidence to prove it.

Love and peace is how I enter and they way I return,

Pushing my body beyond its limits, feeling the burn.

Daily goals are the only method to grow exponentially,

Apply knowledge, speak less, you won’t see me in the penitentiary.

Hatred, jealousy, and envy are weak emotions to harbor,

Everything isn’t based around money, learn how to barter.

Line for line I’m destined to shine sublime,

Time after time, the only elements of life that nourish me are hustle and grind.

Worrying doesn’t cross my mind, God made my faith too strong,

Open mind, curiosity to learn, correct me if I’m wrong.

Deeper than hieroglyphics, pinpointing historical lies; remarkably specific,

The illuminati murders mankind, advertising and brainwashing the masses to be sadistic.

All of this propaganda is addictive, it leaves you conflicted,

Understand the picture being painted, prevent becoming inflicted.

Progression is always in session, learning from every lesson,

The blessings eradicate depression, obliterating the devils suggestions.

I saw myself on top way before the struggle ended,

Rising up like early mornings; my spirituality has ascended.

Writing the script to my life is beyond nice,

The feeling is hotter than fire, colder than ice–a staple like rice.



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