Legendary status doesn’t come easy,

Soon I’ll be soaking up the sun, letting the waves splash my body in Fiji.

Hard work is all I know, leaving the blank page unsatisfied,

Satiating voracious reader’s, leaving everyone gratified.

Signing contracts, the deals are getting ratified,

Skipping stages wasn’t part of the plan, I’m never satisfied.

When success seemed unreachable I extended my reach,

Started growing faster, practicing everything I preach.

Watching the sunrise, smoking the finest kush,

I pay no mind to the corrupt, continuing to push.

Deciphering the bullshit is a long journey like getting full and fit,

The only books I know how to write are hits.

I’m accurate, pinpointing every target, I won’t miss,

Come at me and you’ll meet a fish, I’m not talking about a dish.

Multiplying generosity and ambition is the sublime transition,

Diet, exercise, hygiene, reading and relaxation are the keys to nutrition.

Developer, effective communicator, never was an insecure foolish hater,

Still making plenty of mistakes, serving food like a waiter.

Diamonds are the jewels I drop to stay on top,

Even during my worst days, I’m happy and thankful for what I’ve got.

Powerful direction is about a refined sense of expression,

Reveal your hand, the cards become like bombs of depression.

Discipline is listening to what’s beneficial,

Remaining official is using your mind before drawing a pistol.

Nobody can complete their dreams alone,

Build a team with the same visions; construct a home.

Poetry deeper than six feet, dangerously cold and unique,

Overpowering defeat, ensuring all of my enemies retreat.

Elevation like clouds full of wondrous precipitation,

Innovation sparks minds, leading a fearless generation.

I’m sending out invitations, complete the registration,

There’s no need for degradation; unmitigated situations.


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