Crafting poetry and narratives; completely ubiquitous,

The function is serendipitous, salacious and promiscuous.

Verbal transitions, implanting empathetic positions,

Purely listening, glistening; absorbing positive energy defines my prepositions.

Reading body language is like opening a classic novel,

It truly pays to read the body, just look at models.

Changing conditions inside yourself guarantees wealth,

Disciplines build on elevation, the pillars of health.

Praying my words brighten your days, igniting the night sky,

If you want to become a star, you must fly.

Every person has leadership qualities, stop choosing to embody monotony,

Hypocrisy is a backwards philosophy, served psychologically.

Sending me to an early grave is like a performance without a stage,

Your hatred is useless, the harassment locks you in a cage.

Believing facts is the only method to stay intact,

Gaining momentum, increasing my stamina; I’ll never crack, remember that.

Scotian Breeze Apparel will start from ground zero,

Surpassing the label of hometown hero; million dollar moves like Dinero.

Organized, investing into my own enterprise,

Surrounded by the greatest experts, I’m not surprised.

People who doubted me are giving me too much to prove,

Before you think about catching me off guard, I already made my next move.

Nothing can be taken from me, this was already written,

Suffered horribly, when I decided to disobey my intuition.

Learning the hard way isn’t correct, but it gains respect,

Now I’m working harder, taking time to reflect.

The number one spot will be mine; this is what I expect,

Precisely, there’s nobody like me, cut from a cloth of supreme intellect.

Mastermind: who cherishes the grind, don’t waste my time;

Currently, the days are dark, but I’m strategizing to shine.

Feeling so spectacular, harnessing a witty vernacular,

Advocating peace, light, and love, the antithesis of Dracula.


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