I’m radiating at the bottom, extinguishing a bright light,

Grinding hard, contemplating my moves for the high life.

Putting a purpose towards every dollar,

Street scholar, institutions don’t teach like the heavenly father.

Either I intimidate or inspire greatness,

Whatever the situation, I never become complacent.

More is better, as long as you’re giving,

Harmonizing solitude, interacting tastefully compassionate living.

Showing love, spreading positivity, increasing humility,

Scheming, playing chess, no dramatized plot is killing me.

I create stories, observing richly; insipid people bore me,

Dedication is fascinating, the vibes are magnificent around Cory.

Waking up happy, death comes as a warning,

Negotiating fair business terms every morning.

Never cared about what another man has acquired,

When he’s winning, all I see is how he inspires.

Signing a book distribution deal in my favor,

The percentages were taken highly, cherishing the creator.

Build a platform, let other people eat,

Influence is about helping one another thrive on these streets.

There’s nothing wrong with loving money, just don’t make it your price,

Selling your soul to the devils treachery isn’t how you take flight.

Wining and dining, discussing the next venture,

Grabbing everyone’s attention, but I don’t care about the center.

Success is how I seek my revenge,

The killer of enemies and maker of life-long ends.

I only support family, I’d die for the cause,

You won’t do the same for me, then you aren’t on my squad.

Habits are what breed a sublime character and attitude,

Expressing gratitude, puts me in a lavish mood.

Closing the doors on me hurts you, opening what you couldn’t,

Ripping opportunity off the hinges, doing everything you wouldn’t.


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