Highly Focused

Exhaustion isn’t a reason to stop climbing the ladder,

Focused on the truth, delivering a message that matters.

Rhyming with reason every season, the more I imagine the more I’m believing,

Never had any doubts in myself, wealth is what I plan on retrieving.

Writing every single day like its my last time on the blank page,

Blacking out completely, controlling my temper and rage.

Problems either push you beneath or help you grow,

Defeat means replanting crops, you reap what you sow.

Smooth maneuvers, moving coast to coast from Nova Scotia to Vancouver,

The fast life is like a past life, writing ahead of my time on the computer.

Inside the divide, bridging the gap of economic disparity is why I’m alive,

Any plot you contrive will fail, it will leave you deprived.

Treating words like composing music for symphonies, you don’t want it with the infantry,

Every time I leave the scene, somebody that was present mentions me.

Fell down, engulfed in foolish distractions; now it’s only business interactions,

Mastered the law of attraction, registering my businesses in fashion.

Honing abilities is an ancillary for the greatest literary delivery,

Publishing is a cut-throat business that I represent to the epitome.

The difference is I’m trying to put others on first, unlike the serpents slithering,

The devil crafts an eloquent speech, compliments me, but he’s withering.

I see through all of the prevaricators, you will meet your maker,

My bread is rising like a baker, the unbelievable dream chaser.

I’ve never did anything solely for paper, there’s a larger purpose behind it,

Throw me into a maze, the exit, I will find it.

Who said there was a limit on what you could achieve in twenty-four hours?

I know some days are better than others, but I bloom beautifully like flowers.

Take my kindness for weakness and I’ll overpower you gracefully,

I’m here for a long time, there’s nobody whose replacing me.

Born to sit on the throne, invest in property, work hard when I’m alone,

Life changing poems, accumulating more clicks than Google Chrome.


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