Success Is Inevitable

Pushing hard like a pregnant woman, birthing novels,

Fame sucks, I’m here to inspire, get bread, and build with models.

Nepotism is a collision of wise decisions and inner-vision,

Dispersing gifts is a given, on a highway to better living.

I refuse to compromise so I get ostracized,

Blowing up the blank page, every word is prophesied.

My name holds weight in many places,

International spaces; generosity prevents you from catching cases.

They’ll never lock me up behind bars, but I’m not exempt,

Pure intent is the best defence; time well spent.

Talent builds the platform, authenticity keeps me rising,

Even when I fall down all I envision is new horizons.

Haters are powerless, their cowardice isn’t proving hits,

Giving up a passion is absolutely ludicrous.

Eliminating the competition, I won’t follow tradition,

People who don’t read, gravitate towards my fiction.

Gossip is for foolish females; real men don’t believe it,

Beef on social media is fake, publicity stunts aren’t needed.

Fully conscious of my surroundings; appreciating every moment,

Too many people are sleepwalking through life–we need atonement.

There isn’t a class for life; lessons signify enrollment,

The backstabbers are disloyal, their card’s are always folded.

The twists, turns, detours, stops, speed bumps and intersections,

They result in failure; God provides the swiftest direction.

Launching books, treating every sale like my last,

Applying pressure is the only way to pass.

Leaping enthusiastically into the unknown requires faith,

Believing you’ll reach a place that’s untouched, opening the gates.

Independent, focused on visions that are tremendous;

Giant thinking is all I know, my mind has ascended.

Understanding the reality, embracing the pain,

Darkness never lasts, its just part of the game.


2 thoughts on “Success Is Inevitable

    1. Writing isn’t the difficult aspect. When you’re funding the start-up of your publishing company out of your own pocket there are a lot of expenses to cover, and strategies to implement before releasing literary masterpieces. Nothing happens before its time. But rest assured, the wait and anticipation will be worth it. I will reach an unprecedented position in the publishing industry.


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