The Core

Death is always imminent, the eternal genesis,

Recycled back into the essence; heavenly penmanship.

Corporations dictate the economy due to ownership,

Own the rights to your creations, stop looking for a bone to pick.

Risk takers have the greatest rewards, but largest losses,

Striving to be holier than crosses, building a team full of experts and bosses.

Anything is possible with a relentless pursuit for curiosity,

The hypocrisy is we all lie, burning bridges isn’t my philosophy.

Awakening spirits that believe they are uniquely generic,

You either create waves or complain to anyone who will hear it.

Taking life into my own hands, confident on foreign land,

Implementing commands that demands my organization expands.

Sinking down another level is the mark of the devil,

I move boulders and break pebbles, the base to your treble.

Big mouths sink ships, they can leave you slumped in a ditch,

Having more than one wish is the only way to get rich.

The future of this publishing industry, born to become a legend,

Elevating into the future, making my life acceptance into heaven.

I know a lot of religious people who won’t read scriptures,

Deception within the voiceless word’s of their pictures.

Certain actions buried me deeper than six feet,

The consequences never discouraged me; victory comes after defeat.

The flyer you become, the harder it is to stay grounded,

Truthfully, come at me and I’ll have you surrounded.

Penetrating the human psyche, I’m not taken lightly,

The wolves love me; sheep are afraid to fight me.

Prepared for the worst, always expecting the best,

I’ve been blessed, if there isn’t a gun to my head then I’m not stressed.

Wishing an abundance of success for those who are against me,

Experience is the best teacher that’s elementary.

Writer’s write captivating stories, publishers attract the audience,

The prominence and devotion sets unprecedented providence.


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