Business And Pleasure

Forgiveness is true strength, weakness is about holding grudges,

Covering blank pages with substance is the only way to reach the summit.

Come up and watch your surroundings change,

Faces get rearranged, the thoughts they had about you aren’t the same.

Jealousy is like using a dull knife to chop,

Ineffective, the efficacy of my words is why I’m hot.

Grapefruit in the morning, the citrus is foreign,

Catching all of my enemies sleeping and snoring.

Lost focus, wasted time away into nothingness,

Pushing forward with my visions, evading the abyss.

Acknowledged and loved globally, before I impact locally,

There’s no scale that defines my literary potency.

Shepherding the publishing industry, capturing readers exponentially,

Scorching hot when I’m dead broke, keeping it a century.

Experiences mold a framework for better days,

Even the worst relationships disperse light like sun rays.

If you aren’t willing to accept neglect and indifference,

You’re only weakening your existence.

Without embracing the hatred you become complacent,

Everyone feels pressure; moments to rise up from the basement.

Any hobby can be converted into a job; consistency and patience,

Loyalty makes the commitment a career, the principles are basic.

Words either enlighten the soul or damage the mind,

Author’s paint pictures for the world to define.

Proper planning is part of the grind,

The sooner you wake up, you can make better use of your time.

Resurrecting the writing profession, only publishing blessings,

Giving lost children directions within every lesson.

The impression is an expression more lethal than an injection,

Ultimate protection is the correction of wrongdoings through introspection.

Whether it’s the streets or a professional domain,

Negotiations and respect are what make it rain.


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